NOW RENTING for immediate occupancy and for the next academic year. We offer for rent exclusively what we own. Drop-ins are welcome.

CALL US: Pullman (509) 332 8622; Moscow (208) 882 4721.

RENT SCHOLARSHIPS UP TO 20% for qualifying students -- we rent to students and non-students.



Finding a good roommate is not always simple. Probably the most significant factor is a realistic understanding that sharing an apartment above all requires a mature attitude. If you and your roommate prove able to be considerate of each other, chances are you will have a good room mating experience. Apartment Rentals, although offering to facilitate the process of finding a roommate, in no way assumes any responsibility for the actual matching of potential roommates or the outcome of matched relationships. We can only act as a referral service in an effort to bring potential roommates together with the final roommate choice and responsibility remaining entirely upon the parties themselves.

Get your name on the roommate list by sending us an email with your first and last name, your gender, roommate preferences, your phone number, and whatever you regard important and relevant to this roommate undertaking.