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Announcing the acquisition of The Glendimer Apartments, now named Glendimer One, Glendimer Two, Glendimer Three, Glendimer Four and Aegis Two.

OUR APARTMENTS ARE REALLY IN GREAT DEMAND (Verify here and here). GRAB YOURS NOW! (We offer cash scholarships to top undergraduates).



If it's an emergency, please call (509) 332 8622; if after business hours, please call 509-336-9009 (Pullman) or 208-310-4398 (Moscow). Otherwise, please email us your maintenance request. Be sure to state your apartment address including your apartment number, your name and phone number and whether or not you grant us permission to enter your apartment for the requested repairs. Work orders without permission to enter take a lot longer as special scheduling arrangements need to be made. Send us your maintenance request. Our staff is committed to responding promptly.

FIRE or GAS SMELL: Call 911 first!



Low-Level Clog (small amount of standing water in tub or sink, won’t drain, drains slowly). Try this tip.

High-Level Clog (tub and sink filled, toilet emptying or flushing on its own, large amount of standing water)

Outlet or light fixture not working/partial electrical outage

Electricity in whole unit goes out (only if Avista Utilities is not at fault)

Heater is not working (one heater—non-essential)

Heat in whole unit goes out

Appliance not-working/stove burner not working

Stove smoking (not from cooked on food)

Washers and Dryers not working

Fridge not working

Drip from kitchen, bathroom, or bathtub faucet

Major flooding (risk of damage to structure or personal belongings)

Mildew. Try this tip. Clogged toilet

Missing Blinds


Noise Complaints (Please report them to the office and the police)



Sink clog (Low-Level)

This is a useful skill for life and might help prevent a service charge. Get a good plunger (available at hardware stores, Walmart or even grocery stores). Make sure you allow some water to pile up in the plugged sink. Then placing the plunger over the sink hole, plunge airtight and hold for a few seconds to allow a vacuum to be built up between the plunger and the descending water level in the pipe. Then, jerk the plunger up with sudden force, and presto! Some gunk gets sucked up and your sink is running nicely. This procedure can be repeated, if necessary. To minimize sink clogging, be sure to use a strainer -- it will collect most of the stuff that causes clogging.


Mildew thrives in moist environments. It is especially important to circulate air throughout the apartment in order to prevent a mildew buildup. Utilizing your bathroom fan, for example, can help to circulate air and prevent a mildew buildup that requires pesky cleaning later. If  you are looking for an effective solution to remove existing mildew on your bathroom tiles, caulk, or in the crevices of your windows, try mixing equal parts vinegar and baking soda. Apply generously and allow the mixture to sit for approximately 30 minutes. Wipe up the mixture and appreciate mildew-free tile, caulk, and windows!


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