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THE OLYMPUS PLUS APARTMENTS: 1200 Hillside Circle; Pullman, Wa 99163

On McGee Park and Close to WSU campus Two Bedroom Apartments 1200 Hillside N.E. PULLMAN, WA, 99163

Exterior picture of The Olympus Plus Apartments on 1200 Hillside Drive in Pullman, Wa

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 1

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 2

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 3

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 4

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 7

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 8

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 9

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 10

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 12

1200 Hillside Circle, apt. 13




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Located 3 blocks from WSU on the north side of campus, The Olympus Plus is directly across from McGee Park for fun in the sun. Thirteen huge, sunny two-bedroom apartments are available here, all with nice views overlooking the park. These large units are surprisingly inexpensive to heat and are especially cheerful in the winter. There's lots of storage space: 3 closets in the hallway alone as well as additional free storage in the laundry facility. There is no through traffic and no competing complex in this quiet cul de sac. This is a unique location: great to study and very easy to take a quick break in the park just steps outside.

This building has been thoroughly weatherized by Avista for maximum efficiency.
  • Large two bedroom apartments
  • 760 sq. ft.
  • Water, hot water, garbage/sewer fee -- free of charge (many apartment complexes don't offer all of this free!)
  • Heat-efficient
  • Laundry facilities on site
  • Free off-street parking
  • Stove and Refrigerator
  • Cable-ready
  • Within walking distance of WSU
  • Express route bus stop
  • A-route bus stop
  • Completely weatherized by Avista
  • Professional in-house management

Did you know? Mount Olympus, 2,917 m (9,570 ft) high, is the loftiest point in Greece located in northern Greece and near the Aegean Sea. "In early Greek mythology it was believed to have been the home of the gods. On its summit were the palaces of the gods, which had been built by Hephaestus, god of metalwork. The entrance to Olympus was through a gate of clouds, protected by the goddesses known as the Seasons. Zeus had his throne on Olympus, and the gods feasted on nectar and ambrosia and were serenaded by the Muses.

The 12 major Olympian deities were Zeus and his wife Hera; his brothers Poseidon, god of the sea, and Hades, god of the underworld; his sister Hestia, goddess of the hearth; and his children: Athena, goddess of wisdom; Ares, god of war; Apollo, god of the sun; Artemis, goddess of the moon and of the hunt; Aphrodite, goddess of love; Hermes, messenger of the gods; and Hephaestus. Later Greek writers transferred the home of these deities to a heavenly region free from snow and storm and filled with light". (Encarta).

But why the "Plus" in The Olympus Plus name? The answer is simple: with its thirteen apartments, The Olympus Plus may have a place for yet one more god, Could it be you?
Floor plan of The Olympus Plus Apartments, 1200 Hillside Circle in Pullman, Wa

The living room is 14 x 14.
The bedrooms are 9 x 11 and 10 '7" x 11.

Layout of The Olympus Plus Apartments, 1200 Hillside Circle in Pullman, Wa

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